Bridge -

A Mastermind experience to

Uncover the Path to your Success

Are you living the life you thought would you live at this stage?

- OR -

Are you hiding from all you are meant to be and missing the magical moments in life and your business?

- OR -

Do you miss opportunities to say YES due to not enough MONEY, time or EASE and feel like you are just barely keeping it together?!

- UGGGG - I so relate - really! I have SO been there.


I was on food assistance, barely feeding my twins, unable to pay rent for a SOLID year, no insurance and the unemployment assistance was barely fact it wasn't! If I did not cultivate the relationships I did, I would have been HOMELESS! I was a single mom of twins, living in so much pain due to autoimmune disease and addicted to opiates. I was barely hanging on by a thread. As if that was not enough the violent environment I was living in was impacting my ability to feel safe and keep it together to get out of this horrible hole we were in.


I interviewed to head back to corporate but the market crashed and it felt like my soul was DYING and my purposes was nowhere in sight. The luxuries I once had withered away. I was searching on what was next for me and knew - IF I was going to create something it had to MEAN something. So I did - 10 years ago - I JUMPED...

I took a huge leap of faith and trusted the calling within my heart to make a difference in the lives around me, persevered and am on the opposite side of it now. I want to share all the ways the darkest moments continue to lead me towards brighter days of connection, abundance, CLARITY, CAPABILITY and MOMENTUM. 


I WILL support you on your journey towards a successful life each one of you DESERVE. 

I have been sitting on a goldmine of knowledge and I'm cracking open the treasure chest to share with you. My 32 years of business acumen that spans multiple sectors from independent consulting to large corporate structures, non profit, retail business ownership, service and of course YOGA(and now studio ownership). IN the last 10 years of a HIGHLY successful and lucrative career, I have written multiple curriculum across the area and beyond; facilitated THOUSANDS of student experiences as a traveling teacher and continue to launch many careers locally. Over my 32 years of professional "work life" I am...always teaching - so this is fitting of what comes next.


What is a Mastermind?

Masterminds are a collaborative, peer supported, educational experience that includes brainstorming - major growth, accountability and more. It's an exchange, reciprocity, KARMA, and my fave - COMMUNITY!



Cultivate conscious collaboration and CLARITY

Expedite Skills with IMPACT & GROWTH

Overcome obstacles  as a GROUP

Network with COMMUNITY


access the MOMENTUM needed for YOUR SUCCESS

What You Get for Joining!

More productive in your business

Defined Outcome

Self Worth

Money Dynamics

Tools for success to take you from vision to reality

Solution driven accountability



This is not something you can find anywhere in our market - the culmination of all of this work infused with so much ENERGY, WISDOM and POWER will be a guaranteed LEVEL up in your CAPABILITY to be the best version of you.