Sometimes it is really nice to talk to a human about concerns, questions, and all things we need to help us feel a sense of stability and safety before we step into a space of transformation! We would love to help you feel connected - call/email with any questions, concerns at your leisure. 754-800-4453 or send us an email.

What should I wear?

Be comfy - whatever that is for you, but be sure to wear clothes!  Something that won’t fall over your head when you fold and form fitting but not too tight. We keep the practice space sacred and at 85 degrees, so park your shoes outside.

Prenatal Yoga

Things to know...

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class. When you arrive, you begin the journey inward. If you completed the online waiver, you can check in, find your space and remember the practice studio is a collective gathering of energy(prana) - be mindful what you bring in and of your surroundings. 

Yes, eat - don't be hungry, BUT...

Do your best not to have a big meal within a couple of hours before you take a class. A light snack like fruit is fine up to 1 hour before the class begins. If you are last minute and just ate, be mindful in your twists! Your digestion will be "in process".

Yoga Asana

Inclusion matters to us!

All classes offered at Zen Loft Yoga are designed for all skill levels with attention to sustainability. Our teachers are trained to encourage mindful modifications so all practitioners can take part in the experience, no matter injury, ability, level. Please look into our workshops for added info.

Ashtanga Yoga

Studio Student Waiver

You will be required to fill out an electronic new student waiver at your first visit. You may also create your profile and sign the waiver online prior to your first visit. If you are under the age of 16, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver with you.

Mat, towel and water - the basics

These are the three things you want to  have when practicing. As a Loft Member, no need to carry your mat back and forth - park it with us and know we got your back(and your mat). Yoga mats available for rent.

Hydration is important

Drink plenty of water before, during and after your class.  We recommend that you bring a refillable bottle of water to class. We do our best to limit our carbon footprint. We have refillable bottles for sale :)