Hatha ("sun and moon") is thought to be simply movements. With us, it's a full range of Pranayama(breathe practice), Asana (poses), Mudra and Meditation. We use the full scope of the traditional teachings with an accessible and simple teaching method. Not too much, not too little, just right for anyBODY, anyLEVEL, anyHEART. We begin with simple yogic breathing practices, move the body, add a bit of challenge and stillness and guide through a restful meditation. Great for new students.

A grounding practice with an emphasis on sustainable alignment and meditative movements. We take the heart rate on a journey, then slow the heart rate and move with a deep sense of core strength and stability. Yogis can expect a challenging experience that will be traditional with sun salute variations followed by longer holds with creative transitions that will leave you appreciating the stillness of rest!

YOGA 101

Move | Meditate

You guessed it, a beginners mindset is all you need for this class time. We teach you the fundamentals of breath, body, safe alignment and modifications to help you GROW a sustainable lifelong practice. The class is paced for your comfort and great for a simple practice of presence for any level. 

Also called a "love fest" and "perfect balance" class by many who have taken it. This practice is the perfect balance of active movement(yang) of energy and deep stillness of supported holds(yin) on the ground with self inquiry meditative teachings, candlelight and sound healing with gong and crystal bowls. Great for new students.


One of the studio's popular classes is a fun playFULL flow with plenty of movement to teach self regulation of breath and body awareness. During this practice we explore the subtle energetic body also known as the CHAKRA system. Expect creative standing sequences that break all the "traditions", experiment with balance, explore hip and heart openers sequenced to bring harmony and balance to the Chakras. *all classes are taught for the "all levels" yogi with no exclusions* #doyou


Demystify this practice of mindful presence. Meditation is an integral accessible practice for EVERYONE. We will offer instruction, variation, comfortable seating for your experience and a Q&A post practice to support your growth. 



Yin yoga is an invaluable practice! Stretch the body, mind and breathe in this very rehabilitative quiet practice. Yin yoga is a floor based practice using props to support your release of tension in the body and chatter form the mind. This practice targets the soft tissues creating a slow steady stretch while creating so many health benefits by layering on a masterful practice of breath work. 

Yoga has so many different ways to get us into a state of calm and connection to SELF. This practice will be slow and steady and a wonderful way to begin a day. Stretch the stiffness, breathe deeply and regulate your system for a day of connection and presence. 

This practice is a great beginners intro to the peaceful side of yoga. Expect ground work, prop usage, some standing poses with little strain on the joints.